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Arthritis Natural Cures - The Most Effective Arthritis Natural Treatment is Your Diet

Arthritis Natural Cures

There are numerous arthritis natural cures that are extremely effective. But all of them have 2 things in common. An effective arthritis natural cure will aim to cure the cause of the arthritis and will also aim to prevent future arthritis attacks. If you do both of these, you will cure arthritis completely. And thousands of people have done just this... and so can you!

Fact! Researchers have recently discovered an indigenous tribe who has no contact with the outside world. But what researchers are dumbfounded at is that there are absolutely no cases of arthritis in any of the tribe members. It is reported that all members work till the day they die with no symptoms of arthritis.

How can this be? Could it be their diets?

Did you know that your arthritis is caused by your lifestyle and not old age? Many people believe the lie that all people will eventually have to deal with this painful disease. But here is what researchers think arthritis is caused by: a poor diet, an unbalanced diet, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, insufficient vitamins, improper breathing, and lack of sleep. NOT old age!

And here are ways you can overcome arthritis naturally.

1. One thing you must remember with arthritis is that you need to stop eating preservatives and additives that are in almost all packaged and process foods. Did you know that 30 year old landfills have hotdogs that are still not decomposed? These preservatives in our foods are killing our bodies and are probably the number one cause of arthritis. Tip#1 would be to eat foods that spoil quickly.

2. Soft drinks and diet soft drinks could be the number one thing that you should avoid. They are loaded with preservatives and additives. Tip #2 would be to drink only water and green herbal teas.

3. Coffee is usually loaded with caffeine which has shown negative effects for arthritis sufferers. You can get your morning wake-up with herbal teas or an apple. Tip #3 would be to wake up with tea or an apple.

4. Avoid all foods that contain enriched flour. This is possibly one of the most harmful substances to arthritis sufferers. You may need to do some research to discover what foods you need to avoid but a good place would be to stop eating white bread. Tip # 4 is to avoid enriched flour.

5. Eat as many raw and fresh vegetables as possible. Make sure to thoroughly wash all produce. Produce is great because it is natural and it spoils. Tip #5 is to eat plenty of fresh and raw fruits and vegetables which flush the body.

6. Get your protein from lean meats, nuts, eggs, beans and grains. You should be the cook of all of these fresh foods. Tip #6 would be to eat fresh proteins that are fresh.

7. Avoid all fast foods. Fast foods are all processed. Even subway has processed meats. Make sure you are not abandoning your friends or family, but make sure you are eating only salads at these fast food places.

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