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Detox Drink Before Bed - Drinking Water

Detox Drink Before Bed - A natural detox means consuming food and liquids provided by the bountiful earth to expel toxins or lose weight.

Detox Drink Before Bed
Detox Drink Before Bed

This includes fruits, vegetables, fibers and water. Although the benefits of drinking water is a known fact, many people find it challenging to drink 8 glasses a day. Here are some ways to get your necessary water intake for a natural detox.

Always have water available

Detox Drink Before Bed

Carrying a water bottle with you everywhere you go is a great way to quench your thirst on the spot. Every little sip adds up so do not worry about drinking the entire bottle at once. Water bottles are very versatile. ( Detox Drink Before Bed )

They come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Some even can be attached to book bags or are small enough to fit conveniently in purses and small bags. Remember that juices and teas count too. If you are not very fond of water, consider these healthy alternatives for a natural detox.

Carry a larger water bottle

A larger size water bottle allows you to consume more water in one day than a regular 16 oz bottle. This is because if you only have one regular bottle of water, you will ration it out throughout the day.

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST WITH WATER - Water Challenge - What Is Health Channel. Detox Drink Before Bed


In the morning, you may drink half of the bottle and then finish the rest in the afternoon. If you have a larger water bottle, such as a 1 liter bottle, you still may drink half in the morning and half in the afternoon.

The only difference is that the 1 liter bottle holds twice as much water as a regular bottle of water. If you drink just two 1 liter bottles of water a day, you meet the recommended 8 glasses of water a day! Larger water bottles may not always fit inside a purse and are best kept at home, in the car, at the workplace or when exercising. ( How To Lose Weight Fast )

Sneak in water at the right moments

Water is fantastic for a natural detox. Another way to drink more water is to sneak it in here and there. In the morning, your mouth is dry and there may be a stale taste on your tongue. This is the perfect opportunity to take a swig of water.

Detox Drink Before Bed
detox drink

Detox Drink Before Bed, do this often enough, and your body will get so use to it that you can not function without it.

During meals, you can increase the number of sips of water you take while eating. This will also cause any carbohydrates you consume to expand more quickly, which will prevent you from overeating. Finally, an hour before you go to bed, try to drink a half-glass of water. An hour before is recommended so you do not have to relieve yourself in the middle of the night.

Detox your body

Water is an integral part of a natural detox. Some people may never realize the importance of drinking water until they detox their body.

During a detox, the body survives primarily on liquids and the true power of water is brought to the surface. You will notice its ability to regulate bowel movements, relieve headaches, cure upset stomachs and supply energy to the body. But you will never know this until you try.

The Three P's of My Detox Plan:

Plan: Pick a day you want to start the detox, preferably over a long weekend or a three day period when you won't be working or don't have a lot of commitments.

Prepare: Spend the week leading up the detox preparing your body. If you're really toxic, jumping into a detox instead of easing yourself into it will cause your body to release a lot of toxins at once. If your body isn't equipped to release those toxins, you might end up re-absorbing all those toxins, leading to an increase instead of a decrease in symptoms.

Drink Lemon Water for 30 Days, the Result Will Amaze You! Use Lemon & Ginger for Weight Loss Detox ! Detox Drink Before Bed


Detox Drink Before Bed - If you drink coffee or black tea, take this week to slowly decrease the amount. If you generally drink, for example, 2 cups of coffee or black tea, drink one cup on the first day of the prep week, 1/2 cup the second day, and then no coffee on the third day. On the third day, drink a cup of green tea instead. You can have up to 3 cups a day throughout the detox.

The caffeine content is enough to help with any detox symptoms but minimal and the antioxidant content of the tea will help further the detox process. ( Lose weight meal plan )

Cut out: trans fats, junk foods and other processed foods, hydrogenated oils, refined sugar and flour, and alcohol.

Drink a lot of filtered water (at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces), do gentle exercises, such as walking and yoga, and allow yourself time for self-care and sleep. The Most Excellent Detox Drinks.


Detox Drink Before Bed
Detox Drink Before Bed

If this is your first detox, I recommend you do it for 3 days. If you do detoxes on a more regular basis, doing the prep week and doing the detox for a day, in my opinion, is enough to clear out some toxins and give your body a rest, while being sustainable and affordable enough to do regularly.

Spend the next one to three days consuming raw fruit and vegetable smoothies, with a ratio of more vegetables than fruits. You can add in superfoods, if you'd like, such as raw cacao. I have a recipe below that you can tweak to add any number of fruits and vegetables that you prefer.

Focus on dark, leafy greens, as they are the most nutritionally dense and lowest in calories, and are excellent for detoxing. Celery and cilantro are also great-tasting and really useful for detoxing.

Allow yourself raw nuts and seeds or natural nut or seeds butters for protein and a bit of healthy fat, either in your smoothies or on their own. ( Home Remedy To Lose Weight Today )

Raw or cooked soups of vegetables and fresh or dried herbs are excellent, as are drinking low-sodium vegetable broths.

Detox Drink Before Bed-Ease Out:

Ease yourself out of the detox. Don't run right back to flour products, dairy, and coffee the next day. Incorporate more filtered water, raw fruits and vegetables, and self-care into your spring. I guarantee you'll feel better!

I also have a great recipe for a detoxifying bath. Your skin is the largest organ in your body so incorporating this bath into your detox plan can speed up the process. Also, this is really relaxing before bed! See recipe below.

BERRY COOL SMOOTHIE *I make this in my Vita-Mix, which is basically a very strong blender. If your blender isn't quite up to the task of blending raw vegetables, I'd recommend making this in a food processor. ( Loss Weight In 2 Weeks )

Servings: 2

Ingredients: 1/2 cup or more filtered water 1 cup spinach 1/2 cucumber 1 lime, peeled and cut in half 1 cup mixed frozen berries 1/4 cup - 1/2 cup raw cacao powder (optional)

Detox Drink Before Bed
Detox Drink Before Bed

Directions: 1) Add all ingredients to blender or food processor. Process until smooth, adding more water if you want a thinner consistency. ( Detox Drink Before Bed )


Ingredients: 2 cups Epsom salt 1 cup baking soda 10 drops lavender oil

Directions: 1) Draw a bath with as hot water as you can stand. 2) Add all ingredients. 3) Soak for 20 minutes. *Taken from Mark Hyman, PhD., "The UltraSimple Diet"

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