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30 Day Carnivore Diet

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Fed Up with Trying to Lose Weight or Hitting a Stall?

  • Have you tried keto or paleo with limited results? ( How To Lose Weight Fast )

  • Do you still have gas, bloating, constipation and other unexplained digestive issues?

  • Do you often get moody and “hangry” all the time but don’t really know why?

  • If your body is still reacting to many seemingly healthy foods such as nuts/seeds, green vegetables, fruits and dark chocolate? ( Lose weight meal plan ) Did you never get the results or health improvements you were looking for with other popular low-carb approaches?

  • Are you fed up of those frustrating calorie counting and tracking macros approaches prevalent in the popular diet plans and just ended up with “all pain and no gain?”  Do you gain weight again every time you stop counting calories, carbs or tracking macros somehow?( Home Remedy To Lose Weight Today )

  • Do you want to achieve achieve wellness without becoming obsessed with scales and calculations?

  • Do you want to have more energy and productivity?

If you can relate, The 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge is perfect for you….. Ditch your measuring cups, calorie counters and scales away and experience the vitality the Carnivore diet offers!

Wondering if The 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge is actually safe for you?

  • Are you worried about the effects of an all meat and zero carb diet?

  • Is it really healthy to eat only meat and no plants?

  • Are you worried about nutritional deficiencies while eating a meat based diet?

  • Do you have a hunch that conventional wisdom about nutrition is leading you down the wrong path? ( Loss Weight In 2 Weeks )

Here is the reality:

  • Following a carbohydrate rich diet, such as the standard American diet, is actually what may deplete essential vitamins, such as Vitamin C. 

  • The carnivore diet has every nutrient you need without the anti-nutrients and inflammatory factors from consuming many plants.

  • Many Arctic tribes subsisted on an animal based diet for thousands of years and showed no signs of nutritional deficiencies. 

  • The Carnivore way of eating provides many more nutrients in a more bioavailable form than the standard American diet.

  • Common nutrients lacking in a standard American diet are plentiful on a carnivore diet including Omega-3s, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Iron..

  • Vitamin C, contained in fresh meat and beef liver, is nature's multivitamin and can help people stay energetic and balanced. ( Detox Drink Before Bed )

An ancestral meat-based diet has been eaten for millions of years and can make us lean, strong, and healthy… Trying this plan for 30 days will help you understand how healing meat can be. You owe it to yourself to improve your digestion, sleep, and physique without being hungry.

About Caitlin Weeks Caitlin is a certified holistic nutrition consultant, health blogger and author of several low carb and paleo cookbooks. She has been interested in wellness for many years, inspired by her own struggles with weight and thyroid autoimmune disease. After trying the carnivore way of eating she was inspired with the results. She lost 10 pounds in the first month after going carnivore. She went from a size 14 to a size 10. She never thought she would be a size 10 again! Her skin is brighter, more youthful and fresh. Caitlin's main motivator was to improve her Hashimotos and bloating/constipation and both have markedly improved. She decided to write this book to share this out of the box method of healing with others.

Order Now About Ellen Weeks Ellen Weeks is a former high school Spanish teacher and now a work-from-home mom with two beautiful little boys as well as being an avid wellness advocate. She has been interested in health and optimal wellness since her early 20’s when she was her heaviest weight. She was having limited results on keto and her digestive challenges were lingering, this led her to keep searching for answers. Soon she found some answers and success with her health when she found the carnivore way of eating and things started improving in a big way. Who Should Give This 30 Day Carnivore  Diet Challenge a Try? People with the following issues may benefit from The 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge:

  • Weight Loss Plateau

  • Insulin resistance

  • Obesity

  • Unable to gain weight

  • Frequent aches and pains

  • Hormonal challenges

  • Headache sufferers

  • Thyroid issues

  • Autoimmune problems

  • Low energy

  • Bad moods

  • Slow or Fast digestion

  • Bloating

  • Leaky gut

  • Poor Immunity

If you have tried keto or paleo diets with limited results this plan could be a missing piece in your wellness puzzle.

Why Carnivore Way of Eating is Healthy?

  • Includes healthy fats

  • Improves insulin sensitivity

  • Helps balance blood sugar 

  • Increases nutrient density

  • Improves digestion

  • Reduces bloating

  • Uplifts mood and supports mental health

  • Improves skin tone and lessens skin irritations

  • Calms autoimmune issues

  • Reduces sugar cravings 

  • Satiation focused

  • Ketogenic benefits

  • Authophagy (cell cleanup)

  • Less inflammation

  • Improves sleep 

  • Ultimate elimination diet

Thousands of people have turned their health around with a meat-based diet. Now, it's your turn.. This Book Answers All of YOUR Common Carnivore Questions... Common Carnivore FAQs:

  1. Does this diet cause vitamin deficiencies?

  2. Should I take supplements?

  3. What if I don’t want to lose weight and need to gain weight?

  4. Is a carnivore diet for children?

  5. Will this way of eating cause constipation?

  6. Don’t I need fiber from grains or vegetables?

  7. What if I have fast digestion/diarrhea?

  8. Should I monitor portion sizes?

  9. Will I experience the keto flu?

  10. Can I eat cheese/heavy cream?

  11. How many carbs should I eat per day?

  12. Should I track protein intake/macros?

  13. What if my weight loss stalls?

  14. Should I try intermittent fasting?

  15. Can I drink alcohol?

  16. Should I be in ketosis all the time?

  17. What is the difference between keto and carnivore?

  18. What is the difference between carnivore and zero carb?

  19. Can I do this program if I don’t have a gallbladder or if I have gallbladder issues?

  20. Do I need carbs for hormonal balance?

  21. Can I use non-caloric sweeteners?

  22. How will I feel when starting an all meat diet?

  23. How to deal with sugar cravings?

  24. Don’t you get sick of eating meat, is lack of variety an issue?

  25. What if I cheat, what do I do next?

  26. What is the ideal ratio of fat to protein?

  27. How to make The 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge work with a family?

  28. How to deal with negative influences from family and friends?

  29. Don’t you crave vegetables?

  30. Will excess protein cause kidney damage?

  31. Does eating an all meat diet cause gout?

  32. How to talk to my doctor about The 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge?

  33. What about thyroid testing?

  34. How to transition off the The 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge and do reintroductions?

About The 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge This program is really good for anyone who wants to achieve optimal health including losing weight, having better digestion, increasing energy, improving mood, and reducing inflammation. This plan has everything you need for optimal success on The 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge and your healing journey. Try this program and see how it affects your health and weight loss. After 30 days, the results will speak for themselves and you won't want to go back. Start experimenting the healing benefits of The 30 Day Carnviore Diet challenge to look and feel your best! Order Now

What You Get When You Buy This Book

  • About the Authors and Their Carnivore Journey

  • What is the Carnivore Way of Eating?

  • What Does the Science Tell Us About Carnivore Diets?

  • About The 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge

  • Focus on Satiety

  • Similarities Between The 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge, Keto, and Paleo

  • Who Can Benefit from Doing The 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge

  • The 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge Rules

  • Getting Started and Planning for Success

  • 7 Common Carnivore Diet Mistakes

  • Nutrition Comparison of Carnivore Day of Eating vs. Standard American Diet (SAD) Day of Eating

  • Practical Implementation

  • What are Carnivore Compliant Foods?

  • Addressing Electrolytes

  • Meal Planning Tips

  • Sample Meal Day

  • Animal Superfoods

  • Grey Area Foods

  • Foods to Avoid

  • Carnivore Swaps

  • Grocery Store Navigation Tips

  • Budgeting Tips

  • Best Foods for Carnivore Success

  • Pointers for Eating Out

  • Grab & Go Food Ideas

  • Travel Tips

  • Dealing with Special Occasions/Holidays

  • Tips for Sugar Cravings

  • Helpful Carnivore Cooking Tips

  • Best Kitchen Gadgets

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • 25+ Carnivore Keto Recipes

  • Healthy Lifestyle Tips

  • Stress Relief

  • Exercise Tips

  • Sleep Tips

  • Digestion Connection

  • Steps to Detox the Home

  • Personal Care Makeover

  • Special Considerations for Women

  • Concerning Nursing Mother's

  • Hormone Help

  • Testimonials

  • Real Food Shopping Resources

  • Best Grocery Store Options

  • Important Supplements

  • Suggested Reading/Listening

  • Printables Included:

  • The 30-Day Carnivore Diet Challenge Rules

  • General Carnivore Shopping List

  • Measurement Tracker

  • 7-Day Cook at Home Meal Plan and Shopping List

  • 7-Day On-the-Go/Travel Meal Plan

  • 30 Day Carnivore Diet Challenge Daily Journal

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