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Venus factor women around the world lose weight and sculpt their bodies!!!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Venus Factor

Looking for help to lose weight the healthy way? If your goal is to lose weight and start living an active and healthier lifestyle, you've landed on the right board! From tips for weight loss, fat blasting workouts, weight loss meal plans to learning how to maintain a healthy diet, you'll develop the tools to stay active and fit for a lifetime. ( How To Lose Weight Fast )

What is Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is a system created for women to help women around the world lose weight and sculpt their bodies. This program was developed by John Barban, a specialist in nutrition and fitness. The program focuses on diet and training. This includes the latest research on a hormone called leptin. Leptin is a hormone created by the human body and acts to control how much fat the body retains and the feeling of hunger.( Lose weight meal plan )

  1. Training videos – over a hundred workouts that are created especially for fat loss and body shaping. These can be used online.( Home Remedy To Lose Weight Today )

  2. A nutritional bible – this comes as a PDF with meals, menus and dietary information.

  3. Workout methods – a manual that helps to describe the workouts demonstrated in the videos and more4. A community – for members to give support to the other person.

John Barban is a specialist in nutrition and fitness. He is a scholar at the University of Florida. He studied biology, physiology and nutrition, dedicating his life to developing solutions so that women and men can achieve the weight they want.

He has created weight loss techniques to help people around the world being considered a specialist in this field.( Loss Weight In 2 Weeks )


– The workout plan is easy to follow, with clear guides, fun videos and useful images

– The Women’s Weight Loss Plan is created around you, based on your current body type and focused on changing it into your perfect body.

– The Venus factor is created specifically for women, which means that your ideal body figure is the sexy, feminine, toned and attractive goal ( Detox Drink Before Bed )

– There is no The Venus Factor diet. You can continue to eat all the foods you like

– You do not have to pay for a gym or spend hours training. You can do all the Venus Factor workouts right in your own home

– Good customer service for any question, all answered within 4 hours

– The 60-day money back guarantee means that there is no risk, but only a reward


– The training is very intense, but the rewards are tailor-made

– You need internet access because the program is digital

– It is not designed for pregnant women or who have health problems

– It’s not for men.


If you are looking for fast tips to get an hourglass figure, workout for women, 12 week programs for hourglass shape and no diet workouts, The Venus Factor is the best for you.

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