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Cellulite Gone For Good

Cellulite solution

A lot of people associate cellulite with being overweight or obesity,but actually there are cases of cellulite in slender people as well. Cellulite can be thought of as a chain of wrinkled fat cells beneath the skin. While nobody knows the main reason why some accumulate cellulite,health experts are looking at the structure of fat cells or the possibility of hormonal changes in the body as causes, but nobody knows for sure.

Women seem to get cellulite more so than men and the main reason for that is the connective tissues of women are more rigid and firm so when a women puts on weight the fatty cells swell and get bigger which causes an orange peel appearance to the skin. This is why it is important for women to be careful with their bodies and not put on too much extra weight.

Being overweight can really trigger cellulite because too much fat under the skin tends to push the connective tissue causing a strain on the skin and so cellulite can form. Not all people who are overweight develop cellulite because it is still dependent on the cell structure and whether the skin will bulge or expand from the fat deposits.That being said,the number one thing to remember is to keep the connective tissue firm and strong and avoid excess fat so cellulite doesn't form in the first place.

Starting an exercise program of some sort is a good idea if you want to lose the cellulite. Transforming the fat into lean muscle is key. Also watching the food intake and reducing the amount of calories per day will help you lose the fat. An hour a day of vigorous exercise plus cutting 300 to 500 calories can help you lose a couple pounds a week. A combination of both exercise and cutting food intake is best as just dieting with no exercise will cause you to lose your connective tissues rather than the fat alone which will make the cellulite problem worse.

To recap here, if you want to lose cellulite, one of the best overall ways is to lose the fat first by increasing your metabolism by at least 7% more than normal to burn the fat and watch your intake of food daily and you should see results as the pounds fall off.

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